Take a Vacation from Your Diet

Enjoy a getaway without guilt

Vacation and dieting go together like … oh, come on. Even I, a health care professional who kills fun for a living, believe they don’t go together at all.

Vacations aren’t for abstinence and austerity. They are for rest, relax-ation, fun, and, in my case, root beer floats.

“When I go to Cape Cod, I’m not going to not get the fried clams,” says Ellen Albertson, PhD, RDN, psycholo-gist, nutritionist, and author of Te Diabetic and the Dietitian.

“Te first rule of vacation eat-ing is don’t worry. You worry, you starve your-self. You feel deprived, you overeat. Really, the worst thing you can do

if you’re worried about your weight is worry about your weight.” Follow these four R’s so you can fully enjoy some R & R of your own.

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“Before you go, do a little food research,” Albertson says. “Know where there’s a market or a restaurant that’ll have what you’d like to be eating.”

Albertson is also a fan of healthy snacking andadvises renting a place with a fridge so you can stock healthy snacks.


Although Albertson knows that a trek in the Andes is not everyone’s idea of fun,

she encourages people to plan to stay active on vacation. “Go some-where where there are a lot of fun things to do

Going On the Vacationon the move: hiking,biking, swimming, kayaking.”

She also recommends having a backup plan for bad weather.

“It’s going to rain, so find a hotel that has a gym or a pool.

Or find a rock-climbing gym or an indoor park so you’re not just sitting around. ”

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“Vacation is about slowing down, so make the time to eat mind-fully.

You’re not on your phone, you’re not thinking about work,” says Albertson. “Eating is a behavior we’ve learned to comfort ourselves; on vacation, you have time to stop and think with compassion about other ways you can comfort Yourself


“Vacation can give a fresh perspective on what you enjoy, on your body, on your eat-ing habits. And it can be a great opportunity to reboot,” says Albertson.

But even if you overdo it on the umbrella drinks or develop a passionate affection for lounging in your beach chair, she urges you to be kind to yourself. “Remember that no matter what you do, you’re not going to gain 50 pounds in a week of vacation.”

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